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Human trafficking victims share their stories with FOX 26 News

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Unfortunately human trafficking is a wide spread problem. The FBI just rescued women and girls, human trafficking victims, from a Houston cantina. Another group of women burst into applause when they heard the victims have been saved and their captures arrested. They are the dozens of women in the Harris County Jail in the "We've Been There Done That" program founded by Kathryn Griffin. "How many have been pistol whipped? How many broken bones and noses? How many times have you been raped?" Griffin asks the women.


"He choked me. He beat me with sticks. Anything he could put his hands on he would beat me with. He almost killed me a whole bunch of times," answers 22 year old Michelle Houston.


"He told me if I didn't do it he was going to tie me up, put me in the trunk and take me to the woods and kill me," adds 34 year old Nora Ramos.

"I've been violently abused. I've been sexually abused. I've been almost killed," explains 51 year old Quala Craig.

"I was kept hostage in motel rooms," says 43 year old Elizabeth Morrow. There are also plenty of criminals who keep their human trafficking victims captive with brainwashing. "I'm still in love with him," admits 23 year old Shade Norman about the man who was her pimp but she thought he was her boyfriend. Many victims are kept captive with lies. "You're not going to be able to make any money. You're going to be homeless. This is what women do. This is why women are even here on this earth. That's what I was repeatedly told," explains 24 year old Tiffany Jarrell.


These women all share the same story. They were all kids when they became targets of pedophiles who then forced them into prostitution and held them hostage for years by using mental and or physical torture. "I was 4 years old when I started being molested by my grandmother's boyfriend," Ramos explains. Molested as kids and sexually trafficked all ended up here in the Harris County Jail because the prostitution they were forced into as kids continued as adults. "When I was 13 I started prostituting and then when I was 14 I was persuaded into working for a porno company. They still use my tapes. They still make money off of me," explains Jarrell.

"I felt like if you weren't having sexual contact with me you didn't love me. I started prostituting at the age of 12," says 31 year old Cassandra Latulippe.

"By the time I was 9 years old I was on the streets prostituting. (On the streets at age 9 but your mother started prostituting you when you were in first grade?) When I was in 1st and 2nd grade yes," says Craig.

"They put you in a position where you don't have any choice but to use your body to survive. (Because that's all you've ever learned since you were 12 years old?) Yes ma'am. (Your mom was accepting money and prostituting you out?) Yes," Morrow explains.

"I would like to live a good life and be with my 3-year-old daughter," cries Houston


"I have four kids. Three by tricks that I don't know and one (dad) that takes care of my daughter," explains Latulippe.

"I can't have children cause I was sodomized at age 8," adds Craig. These women are for the first time in their lives getting help. "It can stop," Griffin promises the group. Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia implemented this program here inside the jail. "We've Been There Done That" is run by Kathryn Griffin who is proof there can be a successful life after drugs and prostitution.

"It's really hard and my mind tells me maybe you're never going to change," cries Craig. If you need help escaping prostitution, drugs or human trafficking call We've Been There Done That at (832) 877-8933.

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