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Galveston county judge court hearing

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The Galveston County judge criminally indicted this week was in court today. Judge Christopher Dupuy's ex-wife is asking for a protective order to keep him away from their two children after another woman, Tara Compton, gave an affidavit saying Dupuy told her he was planning to kill his ex-wife and take their children out of the country. Compton is Dupuy's ex-fiance. Compton was scheduled to testify today but instead plead the fifth and didn't answer any questions. I, however, had a long and emotional conversation with Compton after the hearing. "I don't know what I can and can't say. I'm afraid something bad will come of this. I don't want to end up having a bad accident after all of this. I fear what could happen to me," Compton says with tears covering her face.

Dupuy's attorney, George Parnham, says Dupuy has been targeted because Dupuy has spoken out against widespread, long term corruption in the Galveston County court system. Compton, who gave an exclusive interview to Fox 26, says she has been a victim of that alleged court corruption and lost custody of her daughter nine years ago. She says she's been fighting in court ever since. Compton says that's part of the reason she did not testify today. "I don't know who I can trust. (Dupuy's ex-wife) also had her kids taken away by the same attorney who took my daughter away. I think she should have her kids. There's no one protecting us. It's the good ole boy system down there and I wanted to trust them. I had them tell me I needed to put the past behind me. How do I move on without my daughter? I prayed my whole life to have her," says Compton through sobs. In an affidavit Compton says Dupuy was making plans to kill his wife. She says he told her he bought a gun and she claims he even sent her a picture of a gun with a silencer on it.

Another woman who says she met Dupuy on an on-line dating site says Dupuy also told her he was planning to take his kids away from their mother, flee the country and live in Belize with them. "He said he chose Belize because it's an English speaking country and it would be easier for the kids to adjust," the woman testified.

Dupuy's ex-wife, Adrienne Viterna, testified he has threatened her several times before saying she would never see the kids again. Viterna says since the divorce she has moved on, remarried and wants to simply co-parent with Dupuy and raise their kids in a healthy environment. She says he, for years, has refused to speak to her including ignoring her greetings when she says hello when they drop the kids off to one another. She says if the children have an event and she attends he won't allow the kids to speak to, hug or acknowledge her either if it isn't her court ordered time to see them. She says she has video of him physically restraining the children to keep them from saying hello and hugging her. Viterna also says he threatens to punish the kids if they so much as say hi to her if it isn't her time for visitation. She says it's so bad the court ordered Dupuy and Viterna to communicate using an on-line messaging system but Viterna says Dupuy also ignores her there when she does things such as tries to inform him of doctor's appointments for the children. Viterna says Dupuy displays very odd behavior. When asked to give an example Viterna replied "Well, sort of like he's doing now. This is a very serious hearing, my children are at stake and he's sitting there laughing," said Viterna from the witness stand. In fact, Dupuy laughed a number of times during the hearing when there did not appear to be anything humorous happening.

In addition to these claims against Dupuy, the judge was charged Wednesday with felony obstruction or retaliation, abuse of official capacity and official oppression. There has also been a civil petition filed to remove him as judge. That petition claims Dupuy has had legal malpractice lawsuits filed against him. It states he filed for bankruptcy, had a home foreclosed on, two cars repossessed, has $600 a month taken from his check to pay one legal malpractice settlement and the filing claims Dupuy's own uncle sued him in January which is still pending.

Dupuy has been suspended by the Texas State Ethics Commission without pay.

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