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Many want to get rid of political gridlock

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Now that the election is over, many Americans say the gridlock getting in the way of passing legislation has to go.

"Because they're doing the American public a disservice.  What would happen if we performed our jobs that way?  I think we need to see results and they need to set aside their differences and come together.  If you look at what's happened over the last four years very few changes were made.  Most of the changes were made when the democrats controlled the house.  Once it became controlled by the republicans there was no more compromises," says Houstonian Barbara Cooper.
With fractions of the country fighting for one candidate or another that has added a great deal of separation across the country.  Now, many hope the division will be subtracted from the country.  So the question is how do you get the two groups, Democrats and Republicans, to work as one and do what's best for the country?  Is it a simple math equation or more like tabulating trigonometry?

"Americans are Americans regardless.  We're all one family regardless of what political party you might be in.  No matter what happens it affects everyone.  We just need to come together," adds Houston resident Frank Warford.

Rice University Political Science Professor Mark Jones says in order for the gridlock to go away Republicans and Democrats will have to, well, do the c-word, compromise.

"Everybody wants the end of partisan gridlock but what most people want is their vision to be the dominant one.

"I mean little kids have to learn how to compromise.  You'd think that grown men would too," says Eduardo who lives in Houston.
"Compromise is not a bad word.  It's part of our constitution.  We've done everything we can in the House to stop the gridlock in Washington D.C.," says Texas Republican Congressman Pete Olson.

With a Republican led Congress and a majority democratic senate many fear four more years of gridlock.  Congressman Olson says he, like many American's, is ready to move the country forward.

"It's President Obama's turn to step forward, make some serious proposals on reducing our national debt and push the senate  to pass the budget then we can move out of gridlock," adds the congressman.

Mark Jones says particularly for house republicans compromise can be seen as a bad thing and they may refuse to agree on a legislative deal for fear of not getting re-elected.

"There's a real worry that if they compromise they will be outflanked by movement conservatives in their primary prior to the 2014 election, who will say this person compromised with Obama and therefore deserves to be removed from office.  At that point that's when people start to say maybe gridlock isn't the worst thing in the world if gridlock means not surrendering to the other side," explains Jones.

Jones also says we could see gridlock for years to come, used as a political strategy by Republicans to make the country fed up with democratic leadership, in turn securing the election of a Republican president in 2016.

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