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BMOC Power Rankings, Take Nine for Big 12 & SEC

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The Unabashed Blogorrhea stirring and shaking through the latest big campus All-American activities while always recommending Abita Amber for the social gathering Saturday night in Baton Rouge.

Now nine athletic-student Saturdays into the gridworld season and bring on the Big 12 ...

where Mack Brown oh so barely avoids the most embarrassing loss of his head honcho career.  Forget absorbing four of the five worst beatdowns from Texas-OU, all from Bob Stoops and all by 38 points or more.  Charlie Weis?  Really?  Last gasp last chance saloon from McCoy, The Younger to can Kansas?  And Charlie Weis?  And what does that suggest for the rest of the UT season?  And beyond?  Perhaps a final Longhorn go-round for someone with rank above the senior class.

where the Techsters hang tough on the road with the front-runner with first place at stake.  And then promptly roll into road kill.  Such a Tech thing.

where Kansas St. is ferocious, physical and fearless.  With Klein the Quarterback the current Heisman guy.  And perhaps the most likely of the Big Four undefeateds to finish undefeated.

where Stoops, in general, and Landry Jones, in particular, continue to stumble if not bumble on big game stages outside the strict confines of the State Fair of Texas.  But again commend the OU Commander-in-Chief for aggressive scheduling so absent among his mega-million - and cowardly - sideline contemporaries.  Can't lose to the likes of Notre Dame if you don't play the likes of Notre Dame.  If the Sooners go BCS bust (like already there) perhaps they'll find the Texas Aggies, in the Cotton Bowl (if not in the Cotton Bowl), right around New Year's.  On FOX FOX.

Speaking of ... A&M could have hung a hundred on Auburn.  Seriously.  And easily.  Could have laid the triple digits on a program two years removed from the national title.  On its home turf.  Staggering.  From both perspectives.  Just as mind-numbing, Manziel the manic master of the improv..  As his current rate and pace he just might have to do an actual interview with mass media before season end.  Since he's leading the SEC in rushing.  A redshirt freshman quarterback by way of Kerrville Tivy leads the S-E-C in rushing eight games into his indoctrination.  And leads the league in total offense.  And scoring.  And touchdowns.  Part of 29 touchdowns.  Twenty-nine.  In his first eight games.  In the S-E-C.  Kind of crazy.

Speaking of ... the SEC is the best football conference in America.  And for a wide variety of reasons, the most entertaining football conference in America.  The most vicious football conference in America, for a wide variety of reasons.  And in every measurable way.  Better yet, the SEC is perceived to be the best.  Better still, believed to be the best.  Deep down absolute truth in the football souls the best.  In all of America.

So when top-10s Florida and Georgia collide in the latest World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party and the offensive slop-fest results might otherwise suggest the quarterbacks and coordinators were grossly over-served at the Southern Comfort concession, don't be mistaken.  That's superior defense.  That's the SEC.  The SEC is a "line of scrimmage" league.  It's a knife-fight-in-a-ditch when Florida and Georgia tee it.

Well, The Unabashed hates to shake and stir and stir and shake everyone's belief and all but that latest Jacksonville mixer was in large part some rather rotten offense.  But exactly B1G gawd awful but rather rotten.  Six first half turnovers.  Aaron Murray and Jeff Driskel a combined 14-34 in the first half.  With five interceptions.  Murray three interceptions in his first eight throws.  Now the Gator's sixth and final turnover, to seal their first defeat and prevent clinching the East, their second giveaway when on the brink of the end zone, that was all about Bulldog Jarvis Jones at his ever loving bone-breaking best (Lombardi Award people, are you watching?).  But all in all, the afternoon at the Gator Bowl was ice pick-through-the-thorax painful offense to witness.  Toss in 16 assorted knucklehead penalties through three periods and 24 by the end of proceedings.  On third thought, that was the almighty S-E-C.  That was aggressive, hostile, gut-ripping football.  Forget The Unabashed even brought it up.

BIG 12

1.  Kansas State (8-0, 5-0):  Opened on Tech with two punts then pounded and piled points on eight straight possessions.  Plus a pick-for-six for good measure.  Just for Manhattan fun.

2.  Oklahoma (5-2, 3-1):  Best Boomer Sooner can expect is BCS at-large and even that seems shaky.

3.  Texas Tech (6-2, 3-2):  Eight win minimum.  Season sweep through Texas, Kansas, at OSU, and Baylor at JerryWorld not out of the question.

4.  West Virginia (5-2, 2-2):   Welcome to a league where you're tested more than once a month.  Gashed for 212 points & 28 TDs in first four Big 12 games. In 2010 allowed 176 points & 17 TDs entire season.  

5.  Texas (6-2, 3-2):   What exactly is in Ms. McCoy's amniotic fluid?  Must be something, right?

6.  Oklahoma State (5-2, 3-1):  Moving on up even with QBs seemingly down on weekly basis.  That goal line call on Bergeron's fumble/non-fumble looking rather large right about now.

7.  Iowa State (5-3, 2-3):   Will get to six wins, will get to a bowl game, some sort of bowl game, ye again.  What would Paul Rhoades do with, well, talent?

8.  TCU (5-3, 2-3):  Welcome to a league where you're tested more than once a month.  Final month for the Frogs is at WVA, KSt., OU, Thanksgiving at UT..  Where are the wins?

9.  Baylor (3-4, 0-4):  When it's a career-best day for Steele Jantz, it must be the Bears.   Beating Kansas for Homecoming is final win of the season.

10.  Kansas (1-7, 0-5):  17 straight conference losses.  Only 12 more to bust Baylor bear infamy.  Yes, 29 in-a-row 1998-2001.  Kevin Steele remembers.


1.  Alabama (8-0, 5-0):  Have outscored & overwhelmed 104-3 in the first period this season.  McCarron 20-1 as starting QB.

2.  Georgia (7-1, 5-1):  'Dogs will lose one and only one single solitary time in the regular season.  And that loss happened at South Carolina.

3.  Florida (7-1, 6-1):  Gators will lose more than one single solitary time in the regular season.  How much hangover at home against Mizzou?

4.  LSU (7-1, 3-1):  Not exactly hosting the Game of the Century this go-round.  Might still score only nine.  Or none.

5.  Texas A&M (6-2, 3-2):  Nine wins in first-ever SEC campaign within absolute reach.

6.  South Carolina (7-2, 5-2):  Week off to digest horrific injury to Lattimore and reduced state of season.

7.  Mississippi St. (7-1, 3-1):  Slapped back to real world.  Aggies planning a double-slap.

8.  Ole Miss (5-2, 2-2):  Consecutive conference wins after dropping those 16 straight.  It's bowl time.

9.  Arkansas (3-5, 2-3):  Tulsa comes in with seven wins and rocking roughly 40 points per.

10.  Tennessee (3-5, 0-5):  Dooley Factor remains constant.  Third straight season 0-5 in SEC.

11.  Vanderbilt (4-4, 2-3):  Must win against the Commonwealth to reach a bowl.  Any bowl.  Any old bowl will be fine.

12.  Mizzou (4-4, 1-4):  Franklin returns to face Florida.  One unexpected win upcoming before end of the Tigers' season.

13.  Auburn (1-7, 0-6):  Likely expected and flat-out hoped New Mexico St. would arrive 1-7.  Could not have earthly fathomed to greet at 1-7.

14.  Kentucky (1-8, 0-6):  Coach Tuberville, can we put on hold?  Bobby Petrino now on line two.  And Sonny Dykes confirmed his 3:00.

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