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CPS Makes Shocking Allegations at 2 Moms


Four-year-old Landon Weber and 5-year-old Byson Burt don't know each other but have a lot in common. Both little boys have spent a lot of time in hospitals.

Their mothers also have something in common, a disturbing allegation lodged against them. Perhaps the worst allegation any mother could face. Children's Protective Services has accused both women of making their little boys very sick.

"You spend your life trying to make him better and to think that somebody could think that you could do this, it's unbearable," Landon's mother Jennifer Weber said.

"I've seen 6 mental health specialists who say I don't have what they are accusing me of, " Byson's mother Devona Burt said. "But yet I have to keep going to more mental health specialists."

The similarities in their situations are striking. Webers' son Landon was born premature.

"Born with multiple medical problems," Weber said.

Devona Burt's son Byson was also a preemie.

"He had high blood pressure and two holes in his heart," Burt said.

Weber and Burt both contacted FOX 26 Investigates after CPS took custody of their little boys.

Both mothers say doctors have diagnosed their sons with a rare disorder called Mitochondrial disease.

Studies show symptoms of that disease can lead some doctors to falsely accuse mothers of Munchhausen By Proxy, a condition in which parents seek attention by harming their children.

"The allegation is really medical child abuse and that happens when for one reason or another the medical system is used to perpetrate physical abuse on the child," said Assistant County Attorney Valerie Brock.

"We went two and a half years not understanding what was wrong with Landon, Weber said.

After Landon was diagnosed with Mitochondrial disease, the Webers moved their Family from St Louis to Houston so the boy could be treated by a doctor here who specializes in the disease.

A medical professional called CPS alleging Jennifer was causing her little boy to get sicker.

"Someone from the same hospital the specialist works in," Landon's father James Weber said.

"One of the concerns was just that he was always sick either when he was around his mother or that's when the infection occurred when he was around his mother," said Estella Olguin, with CPS.

I thought oh they'll come in they'll do their investigation and it will be over they wont pursue this any further," Landon's mother said. "I was wrong."

The Webers' attorney provided CPS with medical experts. One testified it wasn't even possible for Weber to cause her son's infections.

"That the only way mom can be causing this is if she had a micro-biology degree and had a lab in her living room," Chris Branson, Webers' attorney said. "Neither of which is true."

For months CPS would only allow supervised visits for the Webers to see their son in the hospital.

"We actually went a month without seeing him," Weber said.

Now CPS tells us it no longer believes Jennifer Weber had anything to do with her son's medical problems. The agency said the boy does have a rare medical disorder and will reunite Landon with his parents, soon.

"What we believe now is that she's having to care for a child who has a lot of medical needs," Olguin said. He's medically fragile and the family just needs training."

While the Webers are glad the ordeal is almost over the false allegation and the CPS investigation cost them a substantial amount of money.

"It cost my clients a lot of money," Branson said. "Both in expert fees and documentation and my fees of course."

What did the Webers learn from their dealings with CPS?

"Not to trust anybody," Jennifer Weber said.

As for Devona Burt, there's no end in sight. In fact she's facing a trial this summer. CPS wants to terminate her parental rights.

"We don't know if the parents can ever be appropriate care givers," Brock said.

CPS said once they denied Burt access to her son, his medical condition vastly improved.

"We went from a child who was very ill under the care of the mother and father to a child whose a happy healthy normal child now," Brock said.

"I've never lied about Byson's symptoms, I never lied about that," Burt said.

Burt's attorneys accuse CPS of ignoring doctors who say Byson's medical procedures were all necessary and Devona Burt did nothing to make him sick.

"A lot of this could have been disproved if CPS had talked to all the doctors involved," said Burt's attorney George Parnham.

I think any parent should be terrified of how it was handled and how it's just run through the system without the full investigation being done," said Burt's attorney, Dena Fisher.

But CPS says medical professionals from two hospitals strongly believe Devona Burt is causing the illnesses.

"If you care about my son why didn't you pull me aside if he thought I was doing something wrong," Burt said. "But they didn't do that they just took him away."

And if CPS has it's way Devona Burt's parental rights will be terminated and Byson will be placed for adoption.

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