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'Heights of Health' Alternative Medicine


We found a clinic in Houston that offers a unique form of alternative health care. Their clients tell us they're helping them with problems that range from heart issues to food and seasonal allergies, to hormonal imbalances, infertility issues, behavioral problems with children, and just about everything in between.

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One of the most dramatic cases we featured involves an 18-month old boy with peanut allergies. Wyatt's mom took him to the Heights of Health, after they were able to clear her of her own severe food allergies. They tell us that after one treatment, they closely monitored his medical results. They had him re-tested on an anaphylactic scale and it fell from a 15.9 to 1.24, after one treatment in the Heights. They say this was through a non-invasive procedure called Energetic Cellular Release, developed by a local doctor of natural medicine. "When you're desperate, you'll try anything - so we said, okay we'll try it - why not? It's been wonderful! We have all the confidence in the world that he's going to be completely heal from this peanut allergy," says Wyatt's grandmother, Jeanene. The owner of the clinic, Tracy Wakefield Southwick, says they never say they can cure someone of anything, and caution everyone to steer clear of anything that causes an anaphylaxis reaction.

Jody Campbell from Pasadena became allergic to every food on Earth, but two fruits, when she turned to the Heights of Health for help. "I got to the point anytime I was ready to eat, I'd start crying because I knew that as soon as I eat, something's going to happen. My throat will swell, my feet and ankles are going to swell, it was really hard, and I would suffer anaphylaxis. I had to carry an EpiPen everywhere," explains Jody. After six months of treatment at the Heights of Health, she says she could eat anything she wants. She has been allergy-free for two years now. "I got my life back, and my husband got his wife back," exclaims Jody.

We also talked to a woman who has an inherited form of Muscular Dystrophy. Her medical doctor suggested she turn to complimentary medicine, when traditional medicine could no longer help. She says she hobbled into the Heights of Health with two leg braces, two arm braces, taking five prescription medications, and using a CPAP machine. Their holistic care worked. She no longer wears braces, takes only natural supplements, and no longer needs a CPAP machine at night.

We also spoke to a young woman who never thought she'd be able to get pregnant because of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS. She was able to get her menstrual cycle regulated, without the help of oral contraceptives, for the first time in her life through the care at Heights of Health. She says within five months of their care, she got pregnant, which she considers miraculous! She now has three children.

We were so impressed with the muscle strength of Pam Roussel, who's an instructor and Sales Manager at the Houstonian Club. She says she wasn't feeling too strong though because of hormonal imbalances and symptoms that appeared to be uterine fibroids. Now she's pain-free and back on track in her personal life and business, after seeking help at the Heights of Health.

Another woman suffered from serious fatigue and problems with altitude. Laura says multiple doctors didn't help her, but practitioners at the Heights of Health did. We were so intrigued with all of these stories, that we also wanted to share the history behind the Heights of Health and how its owner turned some of her clients into colleagues. Hear all about how Sonya Foteh Garcia and Stacy Betzing began helping clients, after suffering their own difficulties in life.

Heights of Health On the web:

Dr. Robert Battle may have M.D. after his name, but he offers alternative care. He's practiced medicine for 40 years, but hasn't prescribed an antibiotic in 30 years, and only provides all natural choices for his patients. You can find out more about his practice by going to: www.comp-health.com.

Dr. JefferyAlford with Sweetwater Medical Associates in Sugar Land offeres a unique treatment. No more allergy shots! He provides the same type of treatment, but through Allergy Drops, or A-Drops, which consists of a daily drop under your tongue. He says this helps with seasonal allergies, not food allergies. He hopes many patients can stop taking them after a few years, when they've built up a full immunity from what triggered their allergies. You can find out more at: www.sweetwatermed.com.

Dr. Peter Osborne with Town Center Wellness in Sugar Land shared some surprising new research in the world of gluten intolerance. This problem has long been known to be sparked from a sensitivity to the gluten, or protein, found in wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats. He says the latest findings point to beans, seeds, corn, and rice to causing problems in people who are gluten intolerant. This is startling, because those are the main substitutes in most gluten-free diets. He just held a Gluten-Free Expo for about a thousand people in Houston, featuring lead researchers from around the country. You can find out more, by going to: www.towncenterwellness.com.

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