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Aldermen claim speed cameras unfairly targeting South Side drivers Video included


Speed cameras are popping up like weeds around Chicago, generating millions of dollars for a City Hall starved for cash. But a FOX 32 investigation has found a handful of the 124 cameras are catching far more speeders than the rest. More>>

Urban Outfitters blasted over Kent State sweatshirt with 'blood splatters'


Clothing retailer Urban Outfitters is receiving harsh criticism for selling a sweatshirt with a splatter pattern resembling blood over the logo of a university where a famous school shooting took place. More>>

Mother-daughter duo hope to break into medical marijuana business Video included


Growing and selling pot may be all in the family for a mother and daughter, who hope to become among the lucky few to receive licenses under Illinois' new medical marijuana law. More>>

Honda recalls 126,000 motorcycles for a 2nd time


Honda Motor Co. is recalling 126,000 motorcycles for a second time because their brakes can malfunction. More>>

Are Village Officials in Summit misusing taxpayer dollars?


If you find yourself needing a loan, you'd probably go to a bank. However, Village Officials in Southwest Suburban Summit found another way to get some fast cash -- from taxpayers. More>>

Home Depot CEO: Probe of possible breach continues


Home Depot's outgoing CEO Frank Blake told investors Thursday that the nation's largest home-improvement chain continues to investigate a potential breach at the company and reassured that customers will not be liable for any potential fraudulent charges. More>>

GM reportedly ready to introduce facial recognition tech in cars


General Motors is set to introduce vehicles with facial recognition technology in an effort to combat distracted driving, according to a report in The Financial Times.

FBI reportedly probing hack of JP Morgan Chase, other US banks


The FBI and other federal agencies are investigating a coordinated computer hack targeting JPMorgan Chase and at least four other American banks, according to multiple published reports late Wednesday. More>>

Burger King buying Tim Hortons for about $11B


Burger King is buying Canadian coffee-and-doughnut chain Tim Hortons Inc. for about $11 billion, creating the world's third-largest fast-food company. More>>

Malware in cash registers could affect more than 1,000 US retailers, gov't warns


More than 1,000 U.S. retailers could be infected with malicious software lurking in their cash register computers, allowing hackers to steal customer financial data, the Homeland Security Department said Friday. More>>

McDonald's to sell packaged coffee nationally


McDonald's plans to start selling its packaged coffee at supermarkets nationally by early next year, a move intended to help raise the profile of the coffee sold at its U.S. restaurants. More>>

Insurers owe more than $8M in refunds in Illinois


The federal government says more than 108,000 Illinois health insurance customers will benefit from more than $8 million in refunds because of a provision of the nation's health care law. More>>

Suit: Bob Rohrman Auto Group illegally collected employees' wages


Two former employees of the Bob Rohrman Auto Group are suing the company, alleging that they and other employees were forced to give up part of their wages as a way to help dealerships make up profit losses.

GM recalls 7.6 million cars for ignition switches


General Motors is recalling at least 7.6 million more vehicles dating back to 1997 to fix faulty ignition switches as the company's safety crisis continues to grow. More>>

Feds investigating trading of Carl Icahn, Billy Walters and Phil Mickelson


Federal investigators are pursuing a major insider-trading probe involving finance, gambling and sports. They are examining the trading of investor Carl Icahn, golfer Phil Mickelson and Las Vegas bettor William “Billy” Walters.

Apple buys Dre's Beats for $3B


Apple is striking a new chord with a $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics, a headphone and music streaming specialist that also brings the swagger of rapper Dr. Dre and recording impresario Jimmy Iovine. More>>

Workplace culture carries more weight with Millennials: Jeanne Malnati

When Millennials look for a job, salary or field of work are not the only criteria. Thy also look for work environment. The Culture Group founder and social worker Jeanne Malnati explains. More>>

Homeland Security warning: Don't use Internet Explorer


Microsoft says a security gap in Internet Explorer could allow an attacker to take complete control of a computer if the user clicks on a malicious link. More>>

GM puts 2 engineers on paid leave in recall case


General Motors has placed two engineers on paid leave as an outside attorney investigates why the company took more than a decade to recall millions of small cars for an ignition switch problem. More>>

Willis Report: Understanding college financial aid packages Video included


It's that time of year when prospective college students all over the country are getting acceptance letters and financial aid packages. If you or a member of your family is part of this group, steel yourself. More>>

Pensions pose latest challenge for Chicago mayor Video included


Rahm Emanuel has been a force in politics and now the hard-charging mayor intent on fixing what ails the nation's third-largest city. More>>

Leading Ladies International highlights successful, driven women

The 5th annual Leading Ladies International Empowerment Conference will take place in Ukranian Village on Saturday. Founder Larvetta Smith and entrepreneur Erika Bracey gave a preview. More>>

Spring cleaning tips from Luxury for Less expert Jaymes Duke Ballard

It's time to do some spring cleaning! Luxury for Less expert Jaymes Duke Ballard shares ways to help you toss out the old and make room for the new. More>>

Senators accuse GM of covering up defective switch Video included


Members of a Senate subcommittee accused General Motors of trying to cover up problems with an ignition switch that is now tied to 13 deaths, and pressed CEO Mary Barra to commit to punishing anyone involved. More>>

Jim Chilsen of Citizens Utility Board warns of bad natural gas deals

Consumers should be wary of bad deals in the Chicago natural gas market, sparked by a six-fold increase in complaints about unregulated suppliers. Jim Chilsen of the Citizen's Utility Board explains. More>>

Use texture to make your neutrals sing with tips from Khristian Howell

Everyone wants to love their living space, but sometimes you need a little help. Design, color and pattern expert Khristian Howell explains how you can use texture to take beige from boring to beautiful! More>>

Andrea Metcalf shares the best things to bring to the gym

So when you head to the gym, what do you put in your bag? Do you have the right stuff? Lifestyle expert Andrea Metcalf of Womensforum shared the best things to bring. More>>

Proposed plastic bag ban leads to possible paper bag tax Video included


If City Council approves a proposed plastic bag ban, the days of choosing between paper or plastic could be winding down – and grocery costs may increase for Chicago customers and businesses. More>>

`Beat Music` the newest music streaming service

There are many ways to get music on your mobile phone from downloading to streaming. "Beats Music" is the latest music streaming service on the market and AT&T's Brandon Robinson is here to tell us more. More>>

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian introduce new line at Babies `R` Us

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian joined Good Day Chicago Monday morning to introduce their new clothing line for girls at Babies "R" Us. More>>

Women's Inventorz Network at the International Home & Housewares show

The Women's Inventorz Network helps solve life's problems by inventing new products. Co-founder Dhana Cohen shared what we'll find at the Inventors Corner of the International Home & Housewares show. More>>

Luxury for Less specialist Jaymes Duke Ballard preps us for spring

Luxury for Less specialist Jaymes Duke Ballard shares seven shades of spring, to help us be fashionable and practical and still have money left over as we leave the cold sloppy winter behind! More>>

Chicago City treasurer Stephanie Neely: Teaching kids about money

City Treasurer Stephanie Neely is invested in giving Chicagoans the tools they need to manage their money. She explained new efforts to help kids understand the importance of saving and spending smart. More>>

Homeless man `wins` lottery, first thought is to share prize


Once in a while, a story comes along that affirms there are good people in the world. There are people who are genuinely grateful for the smallest things, with the instinct to share even when they have next to nothing. More>>

Illinois residents must buy health insurance by March 31

Illinois residents have until March 31 to sign up for comprehensive health coverage under the Affordable Care Act or they will face a penalty. Illinois Department of Public Health director Dr. Lamar Hasbrouck explains. More>>

Netflix falls victim to phishing scam


If you are a Netflix customer, listen up: There could be a very new phishing scam greeting you when you try to log onto your account. More>>

Luxury for Less: Tasty deals around town from Jaymes Duke Ballard

Looking to get out of the house this weekend? How about grabbing breakfast or brunch? Luxury for Less specialist Jaymes Duke Ballard shares some affordable and tasty deals from around town. More>>

Beat the winter blues with hot, new items from Jaymes Duke Ballard

This has been a long, hard winter. It's not over yet. Luxury for Less specialist and Tranzit Magazine columnist Jaymes Duke Ballard has hot new products to help you beat the winter blues. More>>

`Best Places to Retire`: Lindsey Paige Markus

Forbes recently came out with its list of the best places to retire in 2014. Estate planning attorney Lindsey Paige Markus joined FOX 32 to talk about it. More>>

Kit Kat named most influential candy bar


Next time you hit the vending machine think Kit Kat. More>>

Facebook buying messaging app WhatsApp for $19B


Facebook is buying mobile messaging service WhatsApp for up to $19 billion in cash and stock, by far the company's largest acquisition. More>>

Healthcare a big dating turn on: CareerBuilder Healthcare

Today is Valentine's Day and love is in the air and that includes love in the workplace. Jason Lovelace, President of CareerBuilder Health Care to talk about dating in the workplace. More>>

Some McDonald's taking reservations, candlelit service for Valentine's Day


Want to show your date a good time on Valentine's Day? Try the Golden Arches. More>>

Lone Survivor Foundation helps wounded service members get back into society

If you have seen the movie "Lone Survivor" you might be familiar with the work of Lone Survivor Foundation board member Mike Winters. The organization helps wounded service members get back into society. More>>

Toyota recalls 1.9M Prius cars for software glitch


Toyota said Wednesday it is recalling 1.9 million hybrid Prius cars globally for a software glitch that could cause the vehicle to stall. More>>

Graco recalling nearly 3.8M child car seats


Graco is recalling nearly 3.8 million car safety seats because children can get trapped by buckles that may not unlatch. More>>

Best grocery tips for people with diabetes: Molly Bray, Erica Bennett

Dealing with diabetes can be difficult. Making sure you buy healthy foods is at the top of the list of problems diabetics face. Dietitian Molly Bray and wellness pharmacist Erica Bennett explain how. More>>

Entrepreneur Jordyn Gaines, 20, takes her cakes from kitchen to new business!

Small businesses bring new jobs and energy to the neighborhoods they serve. Jordyn Gaines is about to open Jordy Cakes, at the tender age of 20! More>>

How to avoid winter home damage: Handyman Wayne Owczarzak

This rotten weather has taken a heavy toll on people and machines. It could also be doing damage to your home. Handyman Wayne Owczarzak explains what you should look out for. More>>

Find the right light bulb for you: Consumer Safety Director John Drengenberg

As of Jan. 1, incandescent light bulbs are being phased out and the new LED bulbs are in. Underwriter Laboratories Consumer Safety Director John Drengenberg explained how to find the ones you need. More>>

Send love to your valentine in a sweet way with Cookies by Design!

Valentine's Day is coming fast. If you're still looking for a cool and different way to say "I love you" to your sweetie, say it with a cookie from Cookies by Design! Stacy Swartz explains how. More>>

Expert advice on dealing with rats from Terminix`s Andrew Callaghan

The cold weather has not only been tough on people, but for rats as well. It's harder for them to find places to eat. Andrew Callaghan of Terminix explains what you need to do if you find them in your home. More>>

SRV Network`s Karl Volkman explains increase in data breaches

Every day seems to bring a new headline about a retailer being hacked. Chief Technology Officer of SRV Network Karl Volkman explained why data breaches have become such a big problem. More>>

Latest gadgets make great Valentine`s Day gifts: Brandon Robinson of AT&T

Valentine's Day is coming up Feb. 14. But candy and flowers aren't the only things you can buy for the one you love. AT&T's Brandon Robinson explains why the latest gadgets make great gifts! More>>

Microsoft names new CEO; Gates leaves chair role


Microsoft has named Satya Nadella, an executive in charge of the company's small but growing business of delivering software and services over the Internet, as its new CEO. More>>

Scott Martin of United Advisors talks you and your money in 2014

January was a rough month for investors, after the market took a hit at the start of 2014. February is not any better. United Advisors' Scott Martin explained where the market and interest rates may be heading. More>>

Make the most of your theme park vacation: Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom

If you are like most people living in Chicago, you are probably dreaming of a trip to a theme park with the kids right now. The Travel Mom Emily Kaufman explains how to make the most of your theme park vacation. More>>

Bolstr helps small businesses create jobs in Chicago

Chicago-based Bolstr helps small businesses here create jobs. Co-founder Charlie Tribbett explains how his company helped Brenton Engel's small business Letherbee Distillers succeed! More>>`s Eric Owski shares the best places to find jobs in Chicago

Finding a job or moving to a new job is a top priority for many in 2014, and a hot topic at President Obama's State of the Union. Vice President of Corporate Strategy Eric Owski explains. More>>

Learn new ways to save money with Spring Rewards

Spring Rewards' Vice President joined FOX 32 News at Noon to share new ways you can save money. More>>

Most stressful jobs of 2014: Is yours on the list?


CareerCast released a list of the ten most stressful jobs of 2014, as well as the least stressful. Does your job appear on either list? Is it time to make a career change? More>>

Tipping Point: Job seekers network, find support at group meetups Video included


On a recent Monday morning, while thousands of Chicagoans headed to work, seven Chicagoans who are unemployed met at a public library, to help each other find some work. More>>

Planning your dream wedding? Save money with tips from Joshua Yates

Many couples get engaged over the holidays, and that means weddings. Joshua Yates of A Perfect Event and Pure Kitchen Catering explained how those couples can save big money on their big day! More>>

Best January deals: Super Coupon Queen Jill Cataldo

The big holiday shopping season is over, but you might be missing the greatest deals of all if you sit home in January. Super coupon queen Jill Cataldo, shared the best deals out there right now. More>>

Merck recalls top-selling cholesterol drug Liptruzet


Drugmaker Merck & Co. said Tuesday that it's recalling a combination cholesterol drug, wiping out the entire U.S. stock, due to packaging defects that could reduce effectiveness. More>>

Amanda Collins of AT&T: New gadgets you can take home today!

The holidays are over, but that doesn't mean an end to the list of new tech gadgets hitting the market. AT&T's Amanda Collins shared some new toys hitting stores right now! More>>

Still have questions about the Affordable Care Act? Michael Mahoney can help

Michael Mahoney, Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing at, answers your questions about the Affordable Care Act and how it applies to you, now that it has kicked in. More>>

DNAinfo Chicago writers share untold stories: Uncle Fun, Cider Bar, Chicago Distilling Co.

DNAinfo Chicago Managing Editor Shamus Toomey and reporters Serena Day and Patty Wetli joined FOX 32 to share this week's untold stories about Uncle Fun, Cider Bar and Chicago Distillery Co. More>>

Andrew MacDonald explains how Uber can help you get around Chicago

You might hear your friends talking about Uber as a new way to get around town. Regional General Manager Andrew MacDonald explained how the service works and how it's taking off in Chicago. More>>

Better Business Bureau`s Steve Bernas on credit card security

The recent credit security breach at Target is raising new concerns about credit and debit card use. Steve Bernas of the Better Business Bureau explain what is being done to stop it. More>>

Original Cheerios to go GMO-free


General Mills says some Cheerios made without genetically modified ingredients will start appearing on shelves soon. More>>

Money tips for 2014 with Scott Martin

2013 is coming to a close and people are now starting to look ahead to 2014. Scott Martin of United Advisors has some tips on what you should do with your money in 2014. More>>

Money Watch: Target cyber attack, airline delays drop

FOX Business Network's Jo Ling Kent talks about the latest business news, including Target pin numbers being compromised and airlines reporting a decline in delays--but there's a catch to those numbers. More>>

Delta to honor extremely cheap mistake fares


Some lucky fliers capitalized on a computer glitch Thursday and scored some really cheap flights on Delta Air Lines. More>>

Days before Christmas, sub shop abruptly fires all employees by email Video included


A sign outside promised, "World's Finest Sandwiches," but inside, Snarf's was empty Monday. More>>

Reuters: JP Morgan Chase limits some debit card purchases


JP Morgan Chase & Co announced Saturday that due to the recent security breach at Target, they will be limiting debit card transactions to $100 in cash withdrawals and $300 in total purchases, Reuters reports. More>>

12 Days of Giving: Chicago charities give back this holiday Video included


Many of Chicago's great charities have special events and donation programs set up for the holiday season to give back to the community. More>>

Apple's next Macs will be made in the USA


In 2013, Apple will start making computers in America, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced Thursday -- after a hiatus of almost twenty years. More>>

Flexible Benefit`s John DiVito: Federal health care deadlines loom

The deadline for signing up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act is now less than a week away. But many younger people are not signing up. Flexible Benefit's John DiVito is here to help. More>>

Michael Jordan`s Highland Park mansion up for auction


They call the United Center the house that Jordan built. But, the house Michael Jordan really built is up for auction. More>>

Dominick`s slashes prices in going-out-of-business sale Video included


Long lines are expected at Dominick's Monday morning, as the grocer puts on a massive 50% off sale to clear shelves before its Chicago-area stores close by the end of the year. More>>

Designer Montee Holland helps you clean up nice for the holidays

It's that time of year, when many men clean up nice for special events – and it's more than just jeans and a nice shirt. We're talking two and three-piece suits. Designer Montee Holland weighs in. More>>

Ready to host your epic holiday party? If not, Joshua Yates can help!

Ready to host your epic holiday party? If not, Joshua Yates, owner of Revolt Events and Pure Kitchen Catering shared some need-to-know tips to throw a fun and festive fete. More>>

Perfect high-tech gifts for seniors: Rita Kuzmenko

Many will be looking to buy tech gadgets for their parents and grandparents over the holidays. Rita Kuzmenko of Cantata Adult Life Services in Brookfield explained exactly what you should buy. More>>

Pew: Report finds millennial women are closing the wage gap


A new report shows young women are closing the gender wage gap in the workplace. More>>

Talking about money with your significant other: Tony Zimmer

Money matters are not the easiest subject to talk about in a relationship, whether you're married or just living together. Associated Tax Advisory Group financial expert Tony Zimmer has some advice. More>>

PHOTOS: 2015 Ford Mustang officially unveiled


America's first pony car - the Ford Mustang - is celebrating its 50th birthday with a swoon-worthy new design and plans to go global. More>>

Still holiday shopping online? IRMA's Peter Gill has some tips

Cyber Monday may be over, but many people are still not done shopping online. Illinois Retail Merchants Association's Peter Gill explained what you need to know before you click to buy. More>>

Cyber Monday tips: Super Couponing founder Jill Cataldo

Super Couponing founder Jill Cataldo joined FOX 32 News at Noon to share some money saving tips on Cyber Monday. More>>

Holiday shopping season kicks off with scuffles, arrests

Stores across the country are getting a jumpstart on the holiday shopping season, but it wasn't all filled with holiday cheer. FOX News correspondent Marianne Rafferty reports. More>>

Money Watch: Bad Friday deals, Amazon starts Cyber Monday early

FOX Business Network's Jo Ling Kent takes a look at some of the stories affecting your money, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. More>>

Protect your family from holiday scams: BBB`s Steve Bernas

The holidays are a busy time for shoppers, retailers and thieves out to separate you from your money. The better Business Bureau's Steve Bernas shared ways you can protect yourself and your family. More>>

Willis Report: Avoid holiday shopping hangovers with a list Video included


It's the most wonderful time of the year! Ah, the holidays. For those of us who like to shop, it doesn't get any better than this. Massive discounts. Price matching. Shopping apps. More>>

Gilt City Chicago: Great gifts under $50 for your holiday shopping list

The holiday season is in full swing. If you are looking for designer duds without breaking the bank, Gilt City Chicago curator Nicole Banks has great gift ideas for you – and most are less than $50! More>>

CouponCabin president Jackie Warrick helps navigate holiday shopping

The holiday shopping season starts earlier than ever this year with a record number of stores opening on Thanksgiving. Jackie Warrick, President and Chief Savings Officer of CouponCabin, shared useful advice. More>>

Andre Walker, Dianne Hudson release new natural hair care line

If you like wearing your hair natural, you're in for a treat! Oprah Winfrey's long-time stylist Andre Walker and Dianne Hudson have teamed up to release a new line of must-have hair care products. More>>

How to fix your furnace: Heating, air conditioning instructor Phil Rizzo

Cold weather is settling in and that means trouble can strike if your furnace goes out. Coyne College heating and air conditioning instructor Phil Rizzo shared some advice we can all use. More>>

FOX 32 News Special on the Economy: Chicago at the Tipping Point Video included


FOX 32 News explores the current and past state of the economy in Chicago and Illinois in a Special Report on the Economy: Chicago at the Tipping Point.

Tipping Point: Is Chicago on the same financial path as Detroit? Video included


One of the reasons why many people wonder if Chicago is going to be the next Detroit is both cities have massive unfunded government pensions. More>>

Tipping Point: The long-fought battle for a South Side Walmart Video included


Music chart toppers like 'Lil Kim used to make a point to stop on Chicago's West Side years ago, mingling with their fans at George's Music Room. More>>

Tipping Point: Chicago students train for resurging manufacturing industry Video included


Manufacturing is not dead; it's just changing. More>>

Tipping Point: Businesses crossing state lines for cheaper cost Video included


For those who ask, "Why does Illinois have the highest unemployment rate in the Midwest?" this is why. More>>

Tipping Point: Chicago's middle-class feels painful squeeze Video included


Since the 1950s, Americans have been told that if you play by the rules, work hard, and get a good education or skill, you, too can enjoy the benefits of a middle-class lifestyle. More>>

Prepare your lawn and garden for winter with tips from Craig Jenkins

Craig Jenkins-Sutton of Topiarius Urban Garden and Floral Design shared the best way to clear fallen leaves from your gutters and how to protect your trees, bushes and shrubs in the winter. More>>

Willis Report: Protect your privacy while shopping online Video included


I couldn't blame you if you decided to do all of your holiday shopping online this year. After all, fighting the crowds seems a lot worse fate than wrestling the mouse. More>>

Protect yourself from tornado repair scams: BBB`s Steve Bernas

A lot of people will need help rebuilding in areas hit by Sunday's storms, but that opens the doors to a lot of scammers to move in to rip off storm victims. The Better Business Bureau's Steve Bernas explains. More>>

How to save on holiday shopping

A lot of people are getting ready to do some holiday shopping so we have brought in Maria Ramos, the founder of the A Savings Wow Blog, to talk about some things you need to know before you start. More>>

Best educational toys for the holidays: LeapFrog`s Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos

Holiday shopping for the kids? LeapFrog's learning team manager Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos showcased some of the best educational toys that will guarantee fun for the whole family! More>>

Willis Report: What not to buy on Black Friday Video included


Black Friday beckons shoppers to malls all over the country with the promise of good deals. In truth, some of the so-called deals aren't all they are hyped up to be. So what should you put on your shopping list and what should you leave off? More>>

Protect your home from pests - like mice - this winter: Jeff Dillman of Terminix

Winter is coming, and that means critter visitors in your home that you'd rather took residence elsewhere. Jeff Dillman of Terminix shared some tips to help you protect your home from nasty pests - like mice! More>>

FOX`s Steve Noviello: Finding the right healthcare plan for you

If your employer offers healthcare coverage to you and your family, you are still more than welcome to shop the online exchange. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello explains the best choices. More>>

Winterize your car and keep your family safe with tips from Meineke`s Rick Urso

Winter is coming fast. If you have to drive to and from work and get the kids to school, you want to make sure your car is in top shape. Meineke's Rick Urso spoke on some of the things you need to know. More>>

Hottest gadgets for mom and baby from Baby Gizmo`s Hollie Schultz Video included


New baby products are a lot like new technology. As soon a new stroller comes out, there is a newer, better version on the market just a short time later. Baby Gizmo's Hollie Schultz weighs in. More>>

Dow hits another high on hiring surge last month


The Dow Jones industrial average is closing at another record high after the government reported an unexpected surge in hiring last month. More>>

Student debt creates drag on US economy: Green Square Capital`s Lincoln Ellis

Several new reports show student debt is not only hurting millions of Americans, but creating a pretty big drag on the US economy. Green Square Capital managing director Lincoln Ellis explains. More>>

Save money at the grocery store with tips from Jill Cataldo!

Every penny counts when you go grocery shopping. Super coupon queen Jill Cataldo joined the FOX 32 News at Noon to help you save some money! More>>

New app can help you find internships that may lead to a great job

The best way to get a great job is to land an internship at a great company. But that's not as easy as it sounds. Nokia's Matt Collins and Cherly Faux shared an app that can help find that great internship. More>>

Federal food stamp program to lose $5B, reductions begin Friday Video included


The federal food stamp program is losing $5 billion this week. A smaller food budget for thousands of Illinois families puts Chicago at the tipping point. More>>

Don`t blame economy for lack of jobs – take initiative: Alexandra Levit

Career Advisory Board found two out of five job seekers are not confident the job market will improve, while hiring managers are twice as likely to think so. Author Alexandra Levit explains. More>>

Willis Report: Answers to common Obamacare questions Video included


Gerri Willis answers questions about the President's Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. 

Consumers` Checkbook`s Robert Krugoff: Saving money on groceries

We all look for bargains when grocery shopping. Consumers' Checkbook President Robert Krughoff shared the results of his company's latest survey on where to find the best prices in the Chicago area. More>>

Choose the right healthcare plan for your family: Consumers` Checkbook

Millions of people can now choose from multiple health care plans. Consumers' Checkbook President Robert Krughoff shares tips on choosing the right plan for your family and saving money. More>>

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  • US producer prices unchanged in August

    US producer prices unchanged in August

    Tuesday, September 16 2014 9:21 AM EDT2014-09-16 13:21:42 GMT
    A measure of prices that producers receive for their goods and services was unchanged in August, the latest sign that inflation is in check.
    A measure of prices that producers receive for their goods and services was unchanged in August, the latest sign that inflation is in check.
  • Another Atlantic City bust: Trump Plaza closes

    Another Atlantic City bust: Trump Plaza closes

    Tuesday, September 16 2014 9:13 AM EDT2014-09-16 13:13:30 GMT
    When Trump Plaza opened on May 14, 1984, Donald Trump called it the finest building in Atlantic City, and possibly the nation.
    Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino closed its doors early Tuesday, the fourth Atlantic City casino to go belly-up so far this year.
  • World stocks sag ahead of Fed meeting

    World stocks sag ahead of Fed meeting

    Tuesday, September 16 2014 8:51 AM EDT2014-09-16 12:51:48 GMT
    World stock markets sank Monday on weak Chinese economic data as investors looked ahead to a U.S. Federal Reserve meeting and Scotland's independence referendum.
    Global stock markets mostly fell Tuesday as jittery investors played it safe ahead of a potentially pivotal Federal Reserve meeting and the referendum on Scotland's independence.
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    Search thousands of jobs in Chicago, plus get interview tips and more resources.
    Search thousands of jobs in Chicago, plus get interview tips and more resources.

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